I am a figurative artist drawn to paint the natural world in all its wonder and pain. A retired college administrator and English teacher, I have been drawn to the creative arts since I was a youngster. I still write, play keyboards, and enjoy live theater. I’ll stand in line any time to watch a great new film. I picked up oil paints again when I retired a few years ago because when I paint, just painting takes over. All else is silence. The lights and shadows dance as they arise and fall together onto the canvas, and a great peace arises in the stillness. I paint interiors and landscapes both personal and transcendent, images from nature, from my imagination, from history and from dreams. I mix my own medium and paint entirely toxin free – no turpentines at all — exactly as artists worked in the Renaissance. I am a fine artist; the large majority of my current work is oil on linen canvas. I hope my work invites viewers to join me as I explore the unbearable lightness and terror of being human in this crazy-making world.

Recent Juried Exhibitions & Catalogues 2022 – 2023

  • LA Art Association, Gallery Annual Open Show, Juror Andi Campognone, Dec 2023-January 2024
  • Women Painters West, Raising Our Brushes, Virtual and Tucson Art Gallery Dec-January 2024
  • Palos Verdes Library District, Annual Community Art Show, November 2023-January 2024
  • LA Art Association, Emerging Artists Catalogue, Vol. 6, 2023
  • Sunset Beach Art Festival Gallery, May 2023
  • LA Art Association, Coy, Virtual Exhibit, February-April 2023
  • Las Lagunas Gallery, Political Storm Exhibit, November-December 2022
  • LA Art Association, Gallery Annual Open Show, Juror Rebecca Lowry, Dec. 2022-January 2023
  • LA Art Association, Undisclosed Location, Virtual September-October 2022
  • LA Art Association Emerging Artists Catalogue, Vol 5, 2022
  • LA Art Association, Root and Branch, Virtual August 2022
  • Women in Art, Virtual International Exhibit, June 2022
  • El Camino College Art Gallery Community Exhibit, July 2022
  • Melissa Morgan Fine Art, KiPaiPai Exhibit, Palm Desert, May 2022

KiPaiPai Fellow March 2022