Kenshin Miller is a Los Angeles-based oil painter.

I’m drawn to paint because in the act of creation, the physical act of painting itself takes over. Words cannot express what the dancing lights and shadows say as they arise, fall together, and saturate the canvas. Colors, textures, darkness and light combine, leaping from a re-imagining of the thing itself to what begins to take shape. Painting is hard work, but in the work, something new is revealed. Painting helps me make some sense out of the inner and outer chaos. I paint interior landscapes, perhaps, or the beautiful shape of a gesture or an alleyway, things that haunt me, frighten me, or call my name. As they are released onto the canvas, happy accidents happen and a painting emerges.

I’m a figurative artist, drawn to paint the natural world and its inhabitants, landscapes interrupted by human dissonance, by joy, laughter, and pain. It’s all too beautiful, and that’s what beckons. To paint is to be alive, to make a discovery, to celebrate a knowing of the way things are, arising and passing away all too quickly.